Dell Inspiron 15 – M5040 / N5040 / N5050 Hard Drive Replacement Video Tutorial

[WPXperVideo id=25 ]this video shows how to replace the hard drive on on Inspiron in 50 40 in 50 50 and M 50 48 inch flathead and Phillips screwdrivers are the only tools necessary for this repair unlock the battery slide the latch to the left and the battery out open the laptop using a flathead screwdriver pressing the keyboard latches the latches are above the Escape key the f5 and f6 key the f11 key and the Delete key lift the keyboard and turn it over unplug the keyboard cable loosen the top Palmer screws unplug the palmer’s cables carefully slide the cable connector up to remove the cable close laptop and turn it over remove the screws on the bottom of the laptop pause the video here four screw locations turn the laptop over and open it up carefully lift the Palmer’s from the laptop slide the hard drive to the right and lift it out of the laptop place the hard drive into the laptop and slide it to the left to seat it with the motherboard place the palm rest onto the laptop tighten the top Palmer screws plug in the Bombers cables close the laptop and turn it over replace the bottom screws pause the video here four screw locations plug in the keyboard cable place the keyboard into the laptop press the keyboard down until it clips into place slide the battery into the laptop until it clips in the place lock the battery view the video description below for links to replacement parts please like and subscribe thank you for choosing parts people for your video tutorials

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