Dell USB Recovery / Restore Solution

[WPXperVideo id=109 ]del operating system recovery and USB II its features and instructions its features are scan and attempts to repair the hard-disk data backup and restore possibilities automatic operating system installation the del restore partition recreation it’s fast it’s reliable and safely let’s take a look at the required tools you’ll need a Dell OS recovery USB key an external hard drive to backup your data so now the installation process connect your system to the power source connect the Dell OS recovery USB key turn your system on by pressing the power button keep tapping the f12 key to enter the boot menu select USB storage device and press ENTER to start the installation the story in the operating system please read the del and user license agreement fully and carefully please be aware that del is not responsible for any data loss choose the option accept and click continue here we see the process overview of the recovery solution simply click on continue the smart repair results are displayed on screen now click on continue to proceed with the operating system reinstalled here user data and personality settings will be backed up before restoring the operating system at this point you can choose which files and folders you wish to backup on screen you will see the default file types that are due to be back down press continue to receive or press select more to view the summary or add any additional files that you would like to save any on backed up files will be lost please be aware the data backup accuracy is your responsibility simply click and continue please connect an external hard drive with enough space to save all of your files system reimage results are displayed now simply click on restart at this point you’ll be required to reconnect the USB key and click restart once the USB is reconnected you will see OK in green click on restart select USB storage device reconnect the external hard drive you use to backup your files and click on continue once you connect the external hard drive you will see okay in green please click on continue’ system reimage results are displayed on-screen click on restart the system boots into the desktop and your data is restored congratulations the system is now fully restored to its original configuration here you can select a scene to repeat if required

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