How to Remove Laptop Hard Drive (Dell Inspiron)

[WPXperVideo id=1 ]All right everyone, welcome to Tomahawk DIY. today we’ll be taking a look at
accessing the hard drive on a Dell Inspiron laptop. First, you want to make sure the computer has been disconnected
of all peripheral devices, unplugged the power cable, remove the battery. Once you’ve removed the battery, push the power button to be sure to
discharge any residual electricity within the computer
and then we’ll access the hard drive by removing screw and then use your fingers to pull up this panel that takes a little
bit of force and once you get under it you’ll start hearing
clicking as you pop off the latches until finally you can remove this entire panel.
Here’s the RAM module. You can see my other video on installation
of that RAM. to get the hard drive out, you’ve got a
tab here you can see the connectors and some screws
holding things in place. So we’re going to start by moving these screws simply with a small Phillps screwdriver. To remove the hard drive assembly use this
tab and kind of pull on this bracket to work the hard drive you’re disconnecting
over here. Then, you’ll use the tab to lift it out.
Slide it out. once you have the hard drive assembly free you can now use your Philips screwdriver, we’re going to make a little space here. Simply unscrew these four screws from the frame.
Be careful not to lose your hard drive or drop it in the
process. Also, use care and caution on what you’re holding onto, obviously. Try not to
touch anything that might get damaged and you’ll eventually have the hard drive