Restore Dell / Alienware system from USB Recovery

[WPXperVideo id=49 ]hi I’m Travis from the Dell cares social outreach support team in this video I’m going to be walking you through the process of using your USB flash drive or DVD recovery media to restore your Dell computer it’s important to note if you follow the steps in this video you’re going to end up erasing all the data off of your machine and restoring it back to its original factory state so if you have any data on your computer that you need to keep and you want to have later go ahead and pull it off to an external flash drive or some other media because we will be deleting everything off the hard drive ok on my system you’re going to want to push f12 to get into your boot options on your unit it might be a little bit different looking well when you start your computer up you’re going to be seeing a splash screen like this one it this one’s for Alienware and you notice it says in the bottom right hand corner f2 for setup f12 for boot options you’re going to want to hit boot options and it’s going to take you to the boot manager from here you’re going to choose whatever you made your boot device with so USB or DVD I did the USB so I’m going to choose USB storage devices and hit enter ok so the first thing you’re going to see is the welcome screen you got two options choose the recover from the USB flash drive and click Next then we’re going to get two other options you want to restore your computer and preserve or change new or changed files or do you want to select another system backup we’re going to do a clean slate so do the select another system backup click Next then it’s going to give us three options restore backup files and folders or do the factory recovery and again it’s going to warn your deletes data and resets all partitions to select the factory recovery and then go ahead and click Next then you’re going to come to this screen and you’re going to click restore without preserving newer changed files and it’s going to let you know again that your files are about to be deleted so click yes and continue and then the recovery process will start the recovery process will take anywhere from 10 15 minutes to an hour depending on what kind of system you have I hope you found this video helpful and if you’ve got any other questions you can reach out to us we’re available on Twitter at Dell cares if you don’t have Twitter but you’re on Facebook we also have a Facebook page slash Dell just right on the wall click the support widget or if you’d like to join in on the discussion on our own forums or available a community delcom there’s some great people out there to help you as well thank you so much and we’ll look forward to see you next time

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