Dell Inspiron 7000 (7568) Hard Drive / RAM Upgrade / Removal / Replacement / Break Down Procedures

[WPXperVideo id=111 ]today we’re going to do a hard drive upgrade on a Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series this specific model is model seven five six eight it’s probably similar on other models that are similar to this one but this specific model that’s the information for it so this one the battery’s internal so you can’t just simply remove the battery but what you can do is remove this bottom panel these are standard Phillips head screws so I’m going to use a standard Phillips head screwdriver and go ahead and remove all these screws on the bottom you’re going to remove one two three four five six seven eight nine ten now that the screws are removed we’re going to pop this bottom cover off normally you would use a spudger which I don’t have so I’m going to try using a a giftcard slash credit card you’re going to want to gently separate the space between the bottom cover and the frame of the notebook I normally try to find a space that’s already got a bit of an opening to work with like over by the USB ports so I’ll use my credit card or gift card whatever you’re using to try to separate the space here in between the HDMI port and the frame like so okay and then as you do that you work your way around let’s start to pop off take your time do it nice and gently no rush and it will come off just work your way all the way around the entire laptop got most of it off now except for the back area here and there you go that removes the cover the back cover or a bottom cover I should say you and here you’ll find you have the memory swap and over here is the hard drive today we’re upgrading the hard drive if you want to upgrade the memory though it’s pretty simple it’s right here just simply remove that memory replace it with whatever you’re going to upgrade it with this specific model comes with an 8 gig stick it could probably upgrade it to 16 but I haven’t verified that yet now under normal circumstances I would say to disconnect the battery before proceeding however in my case since I’m just doing the hard drive I’m going to be very careful not to touch any parts of the circuit board with my tools and I’m simply going to remove this hard drive and upgrade it with a new one without disconnecting the battery you can choose to do so if you like if you’re worried that you might short something out it would definitely be a good idea to remove the battery I’ve done this enough time so I feel confident I can do this without removing the battery to remove the hard drive you’re going to remove this screw here we’re also going to remove this screw here there’s also a third screw right back here that you need to remove now that although all three of those screws are removed you should be able to simply lift up on this hard drive carefully and pull out the data cable behind it carefully again like so now to swap out this hard drive I’m going to swap it out with an SSD specifically have a crucial m500 I’ll be replacing it with it’s lowering capacity but as you probably know with an SSD you’re gaining greatly in procurements so you simply remove these four screws and you’re going to want to put the hard drive back in this little caddy that it’s in the exact same way so I’m going to go ahead and remove the screws now I’m going to move my laptop to the side so it’s not the drop any screws in it okay now if those four screws are removed this sort of kind of like caddy comes right off and if you look at the way the hard drives put in you simply put the new hard drive in the exact same way and reattach your screws okay hard drive is installed in the caddy now we just simply reverse our procedures on the installation or for the installation by doing the following so I’m going to move my hard drive to the side bring my laptop back in place okay and we’re going to reattach the data cable as so now we’re going to gently place our hard drive back in place lining it up with the same screw holes you should feel it snap into place so to say and we’re going to use our same screws that we removed earlier to reattach it to the chassis of the laptop that concludes the installation of the hard drive so we’re going to carefully grab our lid it’s not really like the bottom but we’re going to carefully put this back in place on the motherboard making sure that no cables or wires are sticking out which in my case there is not I feel comfortable placing this cover back on and basically it just snaps in place so you’re simply going to snap it in place all the way around like so okay and then check your check all the way around make sure it looks like it’s sealed properly no gaps in my case it looks good so I’m going to go ahead and replace the screws there again there are ten of them finish putting your screws in power up and start your operating system and you should be good to go thanks for watching you

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