Dell Inspiron 17R (5720 / 7720) Hard Drive & Caddy Replacement Video Tutorial

[WPXperVideo id=110 ]this video will show you how to replace the hard drive and caddy on speery ins 17 are fifty seven twenty seventy seven twenty follow the link in the description below to purchase this hard drive and caddy parts offers five percent off to do-it-yourselfers with this coupon code turn the laptop over slide the latches over to unlock the battery lift the battery out of the laptop loosen the screws remove the access door remove the hard drive screws lift the hard drive out of the laptop remove the hard drive caddy screws on both sides of the hard drive if you need to find the part check out the link in the video description and let’s get started with the installation replace the hard drive screws on both sides of the hard drive place the harddrive into the laptop and slide it onto the connector replace the four hard drive screws replace the access door and tighten the screws place the battery into the laptop and press down to lock it into place turn the laptop over and open it up if you enjoyed this tutorial go ahead and like the video and subscribe to our youtube channel check out parts p.m. where we have hundreds of tutorials and hundreds of thousands of parts thank you for using parts people for your video tutorials