Dell USB Recovery / Restore Solution

[WPXperVideo id=109 ]del operating system recovery and USB II its features and instructions its features are scan and attempts to repair the hard-disk data backup and restore possibilities automatic operating system installation the del restore partition recreation it’s fast it’s reliable and safely let’s take a look at the required tools you’ll need a Dell OS recovery USB key an external hard drive to backup your data so now the installation process connect your system to the power source connect the Dell OS recovery USB key turn your system on by pressing the power button keep tapping the f12 key to enter the boot menu select USB storage device and press ENTER to start the installation the story in the operating system please read the del and user license agreement fully and carefully please be aware that del is not responsible for any data loss choose the option accept and click continue here we see the process overview of the recovery solution simply click on continue the smart repair results are displayed on screen now click on continue to proceed with the operating system reinstalled here user data and personality settings will be backed up before restoring the operating system at this point you can choose which files and folders you wish to backup on screen you will see the default file types that are due to be back down press continue to receive or press select more to view the summary or add any additional files that you would like to save any on backed up files will be lost please be aware the data backup accuracy is your responsibility simply click and continue please connect an external hard drive with enough space to save all of your files system reimage results are displayed now simply click on restart at this point you’ll be required to reconnect the USB key and click restart once the USB is reconnected you will see OK in green click on restart select USB storage device reconnect the external hard drive you use to backup your files and click on continue once you connect the external hard drive you will see okay in green please click on continue’ system reimage results are displayed on-screen click on restart the system boots into the desktop and your data is restored congratulations the system is now fully restored to its original configuration here you can select a scene to repeat if required

Restore Dell / Alienware system from USB Recovery

[WPXperVideo id=49 ]hi I’m Travis from the Dell cares social outreach support team in this video I’m going to be walking you through the process of using your USB flash drive or DVD recovery media to restore your Dell computer it’s important to note if you follow the steps in this video you’re going to end up erasing all the data off of your machine and restoring it back to its original factory state so if you have any data on your computer that you need to keep and you want to have later go ahead and pull it off to an external flash drive or some other media because we will be deleting everything off the hard drive ok on my system you’re going to want to push f12 to get into your boot options on your unit it might be a little bit different looking well when you start your computer up you’re going to be seeing a splash screen like this one it this one’s for Alienware and you notice it says in the bottom right hand corner f2 for setup f12 for boot options you’re going to want to hit boot options and it’s going to take you to the boot manager from here you’re going to choose whatever you made your boot device with so USB or DVD I did the USB so I’m going to choose USB storage devices and hit enter ok so the first thing you’re going to see is the welcome screen you got two options choose the recover from the USB flash drive and click Next then we’re going to get two other options you want to restore your computer and preserve or change new or changed files or do you want to select another system backup we’re going to do a clean slate so do the select another system backup click Next then it’s going to give us three options restore backup files and folders or do the factory recovery and again it’s going to warn your deletes data and resets all partitions to select the factory recovery and then go ahead and click Next then you’re going to come to this screen and you’re going to click restore without preserving newer changed files and it’s going to let you know again that your files are about to be deleted so click yes and continue and then the recovery process will start the recovery process will take anywhere from 10 15 minutes to an hour depending on what kind of system you have I hope you found this video helpful and if you’ve got any other questions you can reach out to us we’re available on Twitter at Dell cares if you don’t have Twitter but you’re on Facebook we also have a Facebook page slash Dell just right on the wall click the support widget or if you’d like to join in on the discussion on our own forums or available a community delcom there’s some great people out there to help you as well thank you so much and we’ll look forward to see you next time

How to Restore Dell Windows 7 Computer to Factory Settings

[WPXperVideo id=13 ]everybody’s Steve on the Guru bro today I’m going to take you through the procedure for restoring to factory a dull laptop I get asked this question all the time and I think it’s best that customers learn how to do their own machines so here’s another one Dell laptop restore Windows 7 coming up okay I like to document how to restore computers whenever I have a chance to help others out there I’ve been doing this for years and you know it’s time that some users out there found out how to restore their own computer so if you’re at all interested I hope this video helps you I have other brands too you can look at my channel and find like Gateway and HP this one’s going to be about the dell inspiron this is an N 5050 and it’s a pretty common laptop that you might see here in a repair shop it has Windows 7 on it let’s go ahead and restore this computer I don’t have to save any of the data at all so I can just go for the restore I went ahead and plugged in my power cord already I’m going to go ahead and turn on the computer as soon as I turn on the computer I’m going to start tapping FA I’m doing that right now okay if you’ve done that right we’ll get this screen right here let me move my arrow so you can read what that says it’s repair your computer is the very top one that’s the one we’re going to go with okay go ahead and press ENTER now if this if this does not work if you do not have the repair your computer option you’re not going to be able to follow this tutorial any further and you’re going to have to go find yourself a restore desk okay alright for those of you that has it has has work you’ll arrive at this screen now this is going to take a few minutes to load up the main thing is just be patient and wait for it and I’ll be back as soon as my screen changes all right well that took a few minutes now my screen is stopped and it’s asking me a question it just wants me to put in the input method for my keyboard now this is the login that you used to use when this machine was before you started doing this so I need to log in with her credentials I’ll be back in just a moment all right I went ahead and put her password and then she gave me in this is the next thing it comes up the System Recovery Options you can look on down through here and read what all the different ones do the one we’re going to use will restore our Windows computer to factory state and it’s the very last one here now one more time I’m going to say this if you do not have this Dell data safe restore an emergency backup on your list then you can no longer follow this video you will have to get the CD or DVD discs that come from Dell to restore your computer that way instead of this one okay I have other videos about that subject on my channel if you wanna check them out anyway I’m going to go ahead and click on this one right here the Dell data safe restore an emergency backup click that now keep in mind that all this stuff takes time and sometimes it might look like your computer’s not doing anything but just leave it alone after you’ve clicked and allow it to come up and you see how long that took there okay so we’re at this next screen here and there’s several options that we can do the first one is to preserve newer change files I want to completely restore so I’m going to pick the second one select another system back up more options I’m gonna hit the next button here and I want to restore my computer which is right here next the list will come up and it tells me how I can restore my computer and there’s a factory image from when this machine was born Dell actually put this partition on there and it’s dated for two – 2012 at 11:43 a.m. so you can see when this machine came off the actual assembly line of Dell okay we’re going to go ahead and click them next here now keep in mind this is not going to save our files and if we have pictures or music on our computer this is going to erase all that so make sure you save that first okay one more question I’m going to restore without preserving this one next and it’s asking me to confirm it and it’s warning me that everything’s going to be deleted just like I had told you before it yes and next this is where we wait this takes some time this could take an hour could take two hours if it takes five hours or something wrong but it can take several hours okay I’ll be back this is getting ready to finish though I thought I’d go ahead and turn my camera on there’s only 1% left to go on this restore so let’s just wait a minute let’s see what happens here okay so there’s a restart button here click so you can see it’s going through all this setup prep and stuff really it might flicker on here for another few minutes I just don’t know I’ll be back as soon as it pass for another question okay well we’re getting there we started this Windows 7 setup came up so I’m just going to go ahead and click through next it’s asking for a username so I’m going to go ahead and put in the information that my customer gave me I’ll be back after that okay so I gave this computer a username and a password now it came up with s and I’m just going to answer this question for my time zone make sure the times correct which it’s not it’s time for tea something on these clocks really make sure that you hear time and data correct because if they’re not if it’s not correct you can have problems getting updates from windows and I’ve seen this happen before the computer just quits taking updates altogether just because this time of day clock was wrong so keep an eye on that next it’s asking me to join a wireless network and this is not my computer so I’m not going to do that now I’ll let my customer do that later we’re just going to skip that and I’m just going to give the network a name even though I didn’t do one looks like it’s gonna come up here I’m gonna go ahead and switch video memory cards in my camera I’ll be back in a second okay we’re still rolling along here I’m answering questions you have to agree to all this stuff before you can start using the product this is what I like to call blow wear stuff it they just blow our computers with stuff that we don’t even use so you can see this is just a lot of answering one question and then waiting 10 minutes answering another and wait and a half hour it’s really an apathetic as soon as something changes I’ll be back okay well it stopped again I have to hit the next key sometimes I wish they would just go ahead and do this for me without hitting the next key because you know it’s going to do it anyway now right now if you notice it’s gonna it’s trying to get me to install McAfee Security Center and that’s one of those programs that’s pretty personal and you don’t see a cancel or a skip or anything there’s just a next button which if I hit it it will install this McAfee let’s try the red X on that so that worked just fine now there’s something else behind here a dell staged updates available I’m just gonna cancel all this stuff and this is a Windows Update so I’m going to go ahead and take that so I have to restart now now yours might be different once you get to this point you just have to dummy up and follow through the questions I suppose and you’ll get a lot of this so anyway when I get a desktop image or something exciting happens I’ll I’ll be back all right well it looks like I’m just about done here hopefully this will be my last login before I can use the computer at this point I’ve gone ahead and connected the network Wi-Fi I’m sorry the Ethernet cable into the computer so this machine is still going to take downloads from Microsoft and Java and flash I’m sure Adobe so this is a really young install and you’re going to have to expect that you’re going to get you know updates constantly for like the first week and then you’re going to get stuff like this that you’re going to have to make go away this is that McAfee that I told I didn’t want it but I can go ahead and get rid of that in the control panel after I cancel out here Sam see they don’t even have a button where I can cancel out but what happens if I disagree disagree I’ve declined yep I am that’s one way to give her a mcafee I guess and I’ve got this box that popped up over here that wants me to create a set of backup desks for this machine and that is a good idea if you can create backup media for your machine that way if anything ever happens to the recovery partition you can use this to fix it but you’re going to have to have some blank DVDs on-hand and spend some time making these discs and you might need three or four of them just to finish install okay so that’s as far as I’m going to take you guys so that is another reinstall of Windows for a dull app top and you know I get asked to do this all the time I think it’s better if users can just do it themselves it’s it’s nothing hard if you just follow these steps so thanks for watching guys and I will talk to you later bye for now hey guys this is Steve thanks for watching hey don’t forget to subscribe if you like this video and be sure to rate and comment see ya you