Dell: Inspiron 14R-N4010 Hard Drive Replace / Dis-assembly – Part 2

[WPXperVideo id=68 ]all right so I know you couldn’t wait to get back to this I had a customer stop in he forgot his power supply yesterday and dropped it by and then you know a couple cause is that whatever blah blah blah so anyway look so I can ready take this apart all right at least take the motherboard out right here the Wi-Fi connects like a little slot chip thing and that’s what it’s hooked on right now so you have to try to gently pop that up let’s see there we go that’s out great you want to keep that in mind when you put it back together – and now we finally access the hard drive I know that’s what we are all impatient and waiting for well it’s a long enough and we really have to do to get this off of the motherboard there’s two screws to visit just to screws here on the side for the hard drive assembly stuff whatever and that’s really all there is to that part and that just slides right out of there now we just have to change the hard drive awesome this should be loose usually it’s like a tight fit but then you know you play with a little bit in there you guys good four of these two on each side of course and that’s uh-oh that those four screws keep them right there well whatever you want to place them that’s not right there hard drive up to the side that’s a that’s a good Drive it works it’s our test drive here we go to put the new Drive back take that out of its little plastic any stetic bag make sure this will go on in the right place how did this go again I forgot already of great memory like this if I do remember it correctly well to make sure to be folder go back on place I wonder are you here for my gaming videos or are you here from this video will you stick around for my gaming videos of me sucking at video games is it possible and I think that’s how it goes maybe yep that is exactly how it goes should I only not to move it anywhere from there but I mean I it you know whatever here we go now you can put it back together the fun part the most exciting part the part you tuned in for putting it back together okay so more [Music] on each side you know whatever it’ll be easier to work with cool that harddrive goes back into place why the did they create it like this in fact it would be great if there is designer commented on this why are you idiot and why did you design it this way not everybody is going to ship it back to Dao and why would you want to put your own technical people through this hassle it’s like you can possibly break many other things in the process of you know getting back to where you got to replace us at there should be a little panel here go look at other laptop designs there should be no reason have to take the entire motherboard out I might have damaged something in the process of this and I hope I did not I don’t think I did I don’t want to this goes back into place make sure it all lines up all that good stuff um I think that is good make sure this isn’t place down here let’s go yes let’s make sure this is all in here there we go now that should work let’s see there we go good it’s in place [Music] that should be in place let’s see about the rest of everything that doesn’t go in yet this nope this goes in next and putting it back together hopefully I can put it back together in a better record amount of time than I took it apart but also at the same time you do not want to rush this take your time take some patience take a chill pill whatever the works for you and put this together correctly so that it still works when you turn it back on I was glad it was working when I last put it together so let’s make sure it works again this time when I put it together this time as I said before all these screws are the same size so they should all be the same size that may or may not fool you I don’t think a screw goes there not screws don’t go everywhere on this board actually I think some of them actually caught from the bottom as well and that’s more than likely a case because they obviously have to hold on the top panel stuff that goes up here usually where it indicates stuff like these numbers be 8 9 7 B 4 B 3 B 6 B 5 B 1 B 2 B yeah that’s usually where the screws go I did actually find it kind of interesting that um when I was looking into how to work on this thing because you know before we work on a customer’s computer if it’s a model we have not played with before we want to make sure we’re taking it apart and putting it together correctly so this screwed right here the ground for the LCD screen I want to assume it actually wanted the person who made the forum the forum post about it documenting it working on it this screw was completely stripped it was stripped he really you know it was I mean he still worked on it afterward but that screw it was just a mess to deal with for that person but he got it working good for him his girlfriend’s happy but I don’t know that person personally myself it was just you know something that came up with Google and pointed me to a forum about it documented with pictures that hey buddy where’s your videos this will be my first video of doing something like this other videos I’ve taken apart stuff I’m going to do an unboxing video let me see that is all the screws for that I think I did not miss anything that’s he did i I do not think I did that’s awesome tricky part here the drive I trouble getting it out without pulling the panel stuff off this is ready to go back on so that’s what I’m going to do now like I said you want to watch how everything goes back together too

How to Simply Restore a Dell Laptop PC to Factory Settings

[WPXperVideo id=48 ]hey guys a Steve on the guru brew you know one of the most requested things that we do here at the computer repair shop is to restore computers to their factory default settings you know a twist of this is often customers have pictures and music on their computer that they want saved before we do this because once you restore a computer back you lose all this stuff it’s deleted in the process so we must save that data before we go ahead and do the restore so I’m going to show you how to do that this edition of the Guru broom this is done on a dull laptop so stay tuned for that well this is the Dell laptop that I was telling you about one of my customers recently brought me this computer in because she was on a vacation recently and she was using the Wi-Fi in the hotel rooms and shortly after that started noticing strange windows popping up and things just act and unusual so she brought it to me to remove all this junk out of there and return it to its former glory so let’s go ahead and turn this on and see what we’re dealing with here this is the Dell Inspiron n5o for old laptop it has Windows 7 it’s um it’s got the AI core processor in telling her she also said it was quite a bit slower ok she’s provided me with the password so I’ll be back after I type that in ok I just put the password in somewhat down all right away there’s a window popping up here this is an optimizer pearl performance monitor oh look there’s another one yuuna blue speed up my PC the girl knows icon she has on the desktop holy smokes so let’s just cancel out of here and see what happens this thing’s still here it’s probably waiting for an internet connection now I should have mentioned when I start repairing these I disconnect it from the Wi-Fi and I don’t have any Ethernet cable on here because I don’t want it connecting with the Internet at all so hopefully and I’ll just give up yep it gave up and it’s going into all kinds of stuff here yeah I see why she brought me this computer it’s annoying me already and we just got started who is this attention 37 registry errors yeah well you’re probably one of the Proms close that all up before you exit Oh annoying is that and it’s stolen maybe going with that this is called unit unit blue speed up my PC 2013 I don’t think this company is doing so well otherwise they won’t be doing this to people here’s that purchase now okay well I finally got rid of the pop-up until I launched the internet they’ll probably they’ll probably more anyway it doesn’t look like anything’s damaged here you know at first glance it just looks like there’s some nuisances happening and who knows maybe they changed their front page to her Internet Explorer and that sort of thing I don’t know okay to get saving her dad I’m going to come down here to the Start menu click on it and in this little search box here I’m going to type in Windows Easy Transfer and you’ll see it came up right up here up at the top I’m going to go and click on it and this is the program we’re going to use to move all her dad over and you can see all the things that will be transferred the documents music pictures email everything she wants in the nice thing about this transfer is it doesn’t transfer viruses so we’re going to go ahead and click Next on this here next and then it’s asking me how I want to transfer out now if you have a cable you can use the top one there you could pull it over a network but usually the one I like to do is this last one which is an external one you can use either a flash drive or you can using a portable hard drive and that’s what I have over here on the table this is my homemade hard drive let’s it’s a big beast but it works well I plug it into the USB here I’m not going to plug this in just yet though click on this last one here and then this is my old computer click and it’s looking for the accounts that this computer has on it and you can see that there’s a shared as well as the barb folder there at the top so it’s going to take a few minutes to estimate how much disk space I’m going to need and it’s also checking to see what files can be transferred and you can see it’s already come up with the answers here and I’m going to need at least five point eight gigabyte to transfer all these files so make sure that you have that available on a flash drive or a portable hard drive before you click Next okay go ahead and click Next and this gives you the opportunity to put a password in if you’d like to do that it’s just a password to protect the archive I don’t usually use it though let’s go ahead and hit save and it’s popped up this window and it’s asking me where I want it to save it to and here’s where you would put in your flash drive while plugging your portable hard drive which I’m going to do now turn this on plug it in waiting for it to come up here there it is there’s a backup Drive there so I can go ahead and click on this and I can get safe here now you can see it’s it’s going to go ahead and save it off on my portable hard drive or flash drive or whatever you’re using and it’s going to take some time those bars are moving quite slow so you just have to be patient and it’ll eventually give you an estimate up here how long it’s going to take but it’s going to run for a while that’s got five point eight gig so it’s it’s going to take little time so just be patient with that I’ll be back as soon as something else happens okay well as you can see these files have been saved in there they are the green checkmark which means they’re done so I’m just going to come up here and click next here and it’s just telling me what to do when I’m ready to put the files back on the new install and you can read that if you want sit nice and shut this close button okay everything is now saved on my external hard drive or flash drive depending on what you use so go ahead and disconnect that and put it in safe place for later and what we’re going to do now is we’re going to go ahead and restart this machine and we’re going to go on with f8 we’re going to start tape tapping up 8 when it restarts someone hit restart here and then there’s my FA here you’re reading starts happening I’m going to wait for it to start coming back off where I start tapping at all okay here we go tap DUP DUP okay okay you’ll get this screen up here and this is the screen that we’re going to go to to repair my computer here at the top there now if you don’t have this option on your computer that means that you’re going to have to use CD or DVD installation disk and if you don’t have those discs you’re going to have to get them from Dell or whatever manufacturer your computer that you have so again if you do not have this option on this up aid this boot option you’re going to have to use the install disc and you won’t be able to follow this technique that I’m going to show you next so let’s go ahead and hit this button that says repair your computer press ENTER now we are doing this on a Dell machine but this does work for other brands of computers you know such as HP and Acer knows time machines the buttons and options might be in slightly different areas or spots but it’s basically all the same how to restore these machines to factory settings okay I press that repair your computer and I’m just waiting for this next screen to come up it’s coming up now it’s asking me my keyboard input method I’m just going to with us on this one and then it’s asking me what account that I would like to access and if you click on this button here you can see that there’s two groups and the one that I want is this one here called barb and I’m around if there’s a password you need to enter it in here and I’m going to do that now so I’ll hang out for that okay I got this screen that came up next and it’s asking me what recovery tool I want to use and you can read on down through your all the different ones the one that we’re looking for is this bottom one here it’s the Dell data safe restore and emergency backup click that and then the next screen comes up they’re asking you how you would like to restore your computer and the first option is restore computer and preserve my new or change files and because we already backed up our data onto this hard drive over here we’re going to go with more options so we’re going to do a complete format so we’re going to choose this second one here you want to make sure that you choose this restore my computer next and then you can read on through here if you’d like but there’s the factory image that we’re after here looks like I have to highlight this and then hit next and then it’s asking me how I would like to do a system backup and if I would like to save my old files and again I already saved them on this hard drive over here so I’m going to choose the second one here we store without preserving thanks it says my computer is about to be restored all the data currently on the computer will be deleted and replaced ok I understand yes now if I had to made this backup over here you’d want to backup first it’s just let me know that everything on this computer will be gone so I say yes in next and it’s off it’s actually reformatting my hard drive and it’s reinstalling all the files this will take some time and as soon as something happens next I will do that you just got to be patient on this one well I just happen to walk by this and notice that it’s 99% complete so I figured I’d turn on the camera so I didn’t miss the next step you can see it’s still working there even though it is 99% so let’s just hang here for a minute and see what happens okay so came up it says recovery complete and there is a restart button here so let’s go ahead and do that click so it’s acting just like it was when this thing is first purchased and turned on its going to go through all the setup procedures and set up the desktop it’ll probably ask me for the clock settings and my username set up a password for me that’s worth them okay here’s where we answer our region and that’s worth that it’s going to go in next year but okay it’s asking me for a name I’m going to go ahead and use the same name that I came in on barb right there next now it’s asking me for a password how many is the password that she had provided me so I’m going to type that in I’ll be back and say okay I’ve got my password in there and I just have to accept the licensing terms there’s two there four ones here next and for now let’s just use the recommended settings set up your clock check the time make sure the calendar is correct Thanks you can join a wireless group here if you want to right now we’re just going to skip this because this is not my computer so this part of the process is just like if you were to turn it on for the first time when you purchase this computer as far as setting it up and getting windows going there’s nothing new here I’m going to go ahead and let this finish up and then when something needs to be said I’ll be back okay well I had to move tables because I have an internet connection on this table so I moved over here and started taking updates and you can tell that we’re still in the process of updating things but I’m going to go ahead and show you how I go ahead and put the data back on now so what we’re going to do is go ahead and plug in my hard drive that I previously saved all the data on tenth turn on get it in the USB for you all right just open the folder up here look down through here for my backup – then that would be this one and you can see if you remember when I first save this off there’s my barb and then there’s my shared items so you know I can just hit this transfer button and it will go ahead and put everything back on all right well the transfer has finished and you can click to see what’s been transferred here or you can click this button and this is very useful after you do one of these easy transfers if you click here you can see a list of programs that might be installed on your new computer that you would want to install and you can look on down through here and you see where it says here like Adobe Harris’s already installed so you know it it doesn’t reinstall applications that are external that are extra so I like to look on down through here and perhaps they’ll be some applications that I should be installing for my customer and you can see that this is the reason why a virus would not be transferred because it doesn’t transfer external programs at all and you know at some point she had Google Chrome on here now she doesn’t I won’t put that back on so you know I’m just looking through to make sure that there’s nothing that she’s missing and other than that this computer is now done you can see all our icons on the desktop look just like they did when I first started working on this the difference is that this machine now runs and runs well and the only thing left to do is go ahead and run this machine for a while and take all the updates from Microsoft you might want to visit the Microsoft software update page and make sure that everything is updated I’ll go through this list one more time and make sure there’s no programs that she needs to have installed before I give them back to her and I’ll install an anti-virus program to boot so that she’s safe and ready to go they don’t call the customer and tell her I come pick up her machine so if you need to restore your Dell operating system and save your data this is the way that I like to do it it’s a proven technique that’s worked over and over again for me very well so I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and gotten some use out of it please leave us a thumbs up and I’ll see you soon take care yourself bye for now hey guys this is Steve thanks for watching hey don’t forget to subscribe if you like this video and be sure to rate and comment see ya you

Dell: Inspiron 14R-N4010 Hard Drive Replace / Dis-assembly – Part 1

[WPXperVideo id=24 ]hello and how is it going at this time instead of destroying a power supply I have to swap the hard drive on this Dell something something I remember the model off the top of my head Inspiron n4 0 1 0 the fun part about this one is well all done let me get back to it the hard drive on this come to customers computer was going bad it didn’t completely go bad but it was on its way it was slow you know really didn’t want to cooperate whatever so it it’s not completely dead but it will be dead soon enough so skip it let’s just save the hassle swap the hard drive so cool let’s get started um yes remove the battery now the fun one about this one is already unlocked front one about this one is ah it’s not like traditional computer stuff it’s uh let me see there’s only one back panel back here and that only has the RAM yeah only the RAM in that slot and oh that’s it now normally I wouldn’t even care about recording this I guess but there’s no disassembly videos doing this out there so I might as well be that one cool guy that does that and helps out other technicians potential technicians do-it-yourselfers whatever the yeah you don’t have to worry just take all these screws out of the bottom they are all the same size so mixing them up don’t worry about it the only ones that are different back here are the ones for the battery but those are much smaller you won’t mix those up if you whatever so just remove all the screws shoot this thing squeaky that’s what you get with these things though come on grab it there we go I didn’t quite want to break the bad news of the customer but I had to but for how much it it gave a hassle of taking it apart I’m just trying to say it’s more than 50 books although we’re going to stick with 50 books because hopefully it works afterward because it does work now we put in a test drive to test it to make sure that’s it before we go ahead and be like okay we have to replace the drive but yeah we do have to replace the drive there’s however many screws back here I’ve not counted them you just got to take them all out don’t worry about anything else just take them all out let’s see yes there was one two or three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen maybe I’m bad maybe I’m wrong maybe it’s more than 14 maybe it’s less 15 I cannot yet take the drive out now okay it seems them on to the fun part that’s mate that’s not four step the fun part now I got a pop all this out I’m trying to remember whether I pop I think I took the keyboard out first it’s been a good few days since I last did this but the fun part is okay make sure it’s safe or remove that I like this this is convenient it has a little tab that holds the ribbon cable in pop that out ever so gently set that off to the side where you can forget about it in fact let’s forget about that drive okay there’s no screws immediately in this vicinity well let’s go ahead and get all this out and taken care of there’s this little plastic piece let’s set that off right there it’s not going anywhere and take out these more ribbons they are there’s three here in this little spot right here lift the tabs up ever so gently you can easily and effortlessly break those out of their little slot thingies and you can lose them and you do not want to do that especially if it’s a customer which of course this is this case I already disassembled this once because there is a drive in here it was it just a test drive we advised them you know what if you want to you can have it with a small little 40 gig Drive I think it was 40 gig and you know be done with it but these days you want the drive size so ever so gently there’s tabs around here just gently pry them out don’t force anything you do not want to break anything and you know just try to gently right out which I’m going to now I am in the process of doing want me to concentrate for a moment there we go almost there are we almost there I sure hope so this should all come out ever so there’s tabs up here now we have to pop out I have to pop out we all can do this together I almost feel oh yes I almost forgot about that one here we go screws right here make sure to remove all of these screws not some of them all of them there’s these ones back here in the battery area I almost forgot about those what you want to do do not lose your screws you know try to organize them and try to remember how they all go back in place you don’t wanna you know botch it up and those screws and says I don’t really know if I have to remove these or not but I really don’t think so but you know what I just want to be on the safe side while I’m down here I want to make sure that you know it’s all good okay there we go and cool that should be good the front top pad bezel whatever should come out with no issue it on that let’s ensure that and there we go awesome and it looks like one of the screw things here I have to find out where it was came out so you always do want to watch for that as well I’ll find it when we put it back together set that off to the side you don’t need to dabble with that for the moment and here we’re at the coming to the last portion kind of not really there’s always more to go there was something holding this in place but there should nut but not be anything seems it was just that top panel so that’s off to you also want to watch for the screws that are here because after I got it all back together I realized hey I have extra screws three right here make sure they go back there when you put it back together because I forgot to do it when I last put it together this time I should remember correctly I sure hope I was out to take it back part so don’t let me forget now let’s see how to organize the rest of this and here we go I try to keep it all organized all nice neat whatever now the dreadful part about this just be really careful I mean I can’t emphasize that enough because you know it’s easy because this is whoever designed this model Dell the what is it I want to try to recall 2/10 at 1:04 can’t emphasize that enough idiot designer he’ll eat to swap a hard drive you have to make it this complicated sir that’s that’s retarded as hell I can’t emphasize that enough okay so anyway we got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 screws we have to take out of this portion of beat board so let’s set those aside in a place that we won’t forget them these are all the same sizes I recalled only one that’s different is this one up here that is a ground for this LCD screen but really I think that stays with the little thing that it comes with so you really won’t you you have I keep track of that one because it’s going to stay all together you right this these screws right here maybe a little different maybe not completely certain about that one but hey all these get removed because you cannot you have to take this heatsink out here because otherwise it holds the board and a like overlaps the board so to remove the board you have to remove that not heatsink the the cooling fan and it helps keep the board in place I suppose but really still I should not have to remove the motherboard just to replace a hard drive it should be no ok here we go again remove the the cooling fan set that off to the side to forget about it for the moment um I don’t think anything else is holding this board in place so let’s get to the fun part I have a customer so I shall be right back

Dell Laptop Hard Drive Formatting How To

[WPXperVideo id=20 ]hey this is Ricardo and in this video I’m going to show you how to format a hard drive in Windows click the start button to begin next right-click on computer and select manage once in computer management click on Disk Management located in the left pane right click the volume you wish to format and select format to format with the default settings click OK and then click OK again Oh