Dell Inspiron 5558 Disassembly and fan cleaning laptop repair -Inspiron 15 5000 Series

[WPXperVideo id=73 ]replacement fan and heatsink
+replacement battery module
+replacement main access pannel
+replacement optical drive
+ replacement hard drive/ssd
+ replacement wi-fi
+ replacement keyboard
+ disconnect touchpad
+ disconnect USB
+ disconnect screen
+ replacement motherboard
+clean fan and heatsink
+clean CPU/GPU


Dell Inspiron 1000 Repair ★Geeking Off★

[WPXperVideo id=69 ]today we’re gonna repair a dell inspiron 1000 so client came to me and said his laptop is not booting well he’s right it’s not booting I told him I would fix it if I could go ahead and make a video out of it is that sure sure deal so let’s go ahead and look at this Inspiron it’s actually in really good condition got two speakers in the front here on the back here we’ve got three USB ports Ethernet phone jack modem heatsink which is really clean and VGA port on this side we’ve got the DVD CD rewritable Drive kind of neat and here I believe is the battery let’s go ahead and hook up the power adapter and see what’s wrong with it okay the machine is now got power let’s go ahead and turn it on and see what goes on you can hear everything spin up so that’s a good sign right well it’s interesting it hits the right about here and this is work freezes up you can’t f2 it you can’t have 12 it it is done so let’s go ahead and see if we can at least try to beat it into the BIOS it won’t even turn off I’m been sitting here holding this power button for a while it’s not turn it off okay this time we’re gonna try to enter set up see if this we can get at least get into the BIOS maybe we can reset it and train set up and we’re locked up again darn darn darn darn okay we’ve got to figure out what’s going on here so let’s start taking parts out of it we’ll start with the hard drive because that’s what JD Hart 89 suggested that we take out the hard drive I believe this might be the hard drive in here let’s go ahead and start unscrewing stuff yep there’s a hard drive some more screws go figure it was really in there aha got it that thing did not want to budge that was a very difficult hard drive so you can a hard drive we’re dealing with here we’ve got a Fujitsu it’s a size I think oh there it is right there 40 gigabytes okay with the hard drive out of it let’s try this again try to enter that set up this time train set up nope she is locked up stall it again shoot and the only way to power it off I have to unplug it alright let’s try the RAM next believe this beer RAM slot let’s go ahead and get that RAM out of there shall we and for RAM this machine is rockin oh wow just DDR 256 megabits my goodness wonder what the CPU of this thing is okay let’s try this again no hard drive no RAM let’s get into that BIOS there we go mouna truth come on baby drink setup come on come on nope whew that time the power works okay so maybe we’re getting somewhere maybe it was the RAM but for some reason well we’ll just see if it you know yells at me here okay it’s just as entering boot menu and isn’t doing anything it’s just you know the power switch is not gonna work it’s gonna make a liar out of me alright what else can we remove the optical drive let’s try the optical I can’t optical drive is now removed let’s go ahead and see what happens to enter setup fortunately locked up saw it again Wow I think this thing’s got some major problems might be the CPU might be the CPU which that might be a difficult repair I don’t even know if I can get a CPU for this thing well this fix is a fail well I just did some research on Google and someone said did you try removing the battery there yet if this if this seriously happens I’m gonna be flipping weirded out by this I’ve never only cows a big battery okay let’s see if that Google post was right and remove the battery let’s see if we can get in to set up this time I’ll be damned well I’ll be damned you serious right now out of all my times of working on computers I have never seen anything like this where the battery was causing the BIOS to free the BIOS to freeze up never have I seen that before but while we’re here let’s go ahead and take a look at her it’s an Inspiron 1000 looks like it’s the CMOS battery is definitely a holding time although the date is definitely not correct looks like the CPU is an Intel Celeron running at 2.2 gigahertz 256 mega height server ham running at 266 megahertz it’s got a 14-inch xga display well let’s go ahead and put all the parts into this and see if she boots well turn it on with everything in there but the battery and she booted right on into the operating system although I don’t think I should explore this computer very much seems to be some interesting files on this dude’s computer anyways yeah that was an easy fix he just needs to go and buy a new battery and this is one heck of a heavy battery – Wow so yeah he just needs to order a new battery and he can get back to his uh interesting habits that he has going on here well guys that ends this video as you can see that was an easy repair an easy fix thank God so this has been Anthony from ahem to where and from this time and every time on folks keep on clickin thes Anthony for math we’re signing off you

How to replace the hard drive in the Dell Inspiron N7010 Laptop

[WPXperVideo id=66 ]Replacing the hard drive in the Dell Inspiron N7010 Laptop is actually very easy after watching this instructive how to video.

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Dell Inspiron 1564 Hard Drive Removal and Upgrade

[WPXperVideo id=64 ]hi everyone welcome back to another tutorial by AI t conflict computer repair in Austin Texas and my name is Eric today I’m going to be working on a dell inspiron 1564 model the tools we’re gonna be using are just a standard small screwdriver philips star whatever you want to call it and what we’re gonna be doing on this particular model is just removing the hard drive for top-level data recovery more like data transfer but we’ll get to that point right now and as a different explanation however you want to describe it but okay the first thing you want to do before you work on any laptop is remove the battery so the way on I’m gonna do on this laptop is just slide it over to the release position and remove the battery just like so batteries should come right off I’m just going to put that aside here and to get to the kind of the guts of this laptop everything is stored pretty much I mean everything of any importance is stored underneath this panel right here in the center you’ll have your RAM and I believe your harddrive we’re gonna find out here in just a second I I I’m just going to be working on this as we go along here so the first thing I’m gonna do is remove these screws and trying to get a camera shot for you guys these screws right here I think that’s it one two and three so we’ll start off by just in screwing those screws and it shouldn’t take you very long I see a lot of guys using like drills and stuff on laptop repair and honestly I just don’t feel safe doing it I prefer the old manual way it works just fine and it only took me a couple seconds to take this panel off and you’ll see this reveals a couple key components here on a laptop our hard drive right here off to the bottom our RAM our system battery and this is a wireless LAN card so if either one of these components goes out you know that with three screws you can get right to them and you can replace them very easily I’ll be doing a separate video on how to upgrade the RAM and the hard drive basically just for category this to categorise my videos really by watching this video you can get to everything but either way I’ll make a video for you guys so the first thing you want to do is on this video we’re going to remove the hard drive and the way I’m going to do that is by taking off these screws here and we’re going to take those off just like so ah it’s tiny little screws and I have these fat hands so it’s a little difficult sometimes want to be careful not to drop a screw in there because then this easy job will become so much more difficult having to get this computer down to the bare bones and finding that screw so just be careful when you’re taking the screws off to take the hard drive off you can hold on to this panel right here I’m sorry this little slit this piece of plastic in order to pull out the hard drive or you can gently just push it out and you’ll see it to pop right off the SATA port the ports there’s your hard drive so if your hard drive went bad on this computer you can very easily just pick up a drive someone on Amazon you know how would you remove it you would replace the drive put your screws back on and once you get these screws back on reload the operating system in this case this one I believe came with Windows 7 these newer dellons runs they’re not gonna come with anything other than Windows 7 and I knew they’re about a year and a half two years old but that’s when Windows 7 was released either way well I’m sorry about two and a half years ago but I’m not trying to get technical so you would remove the hard drive replace the drive with a new one put your panel back on and that should just slide right or snap back on put the screws back on it here and make sure it’s snaps in there we go okay so in this video in this video we’ve successfully removed the panel we revealed the harddrive your RAM a wireless LAN card and your system battery if either one of those components go out on the dell inspiron 1564 you know that it’s just three screws away to get to those components and be able to replace them or repair them whatever you need to do with them in this video I showed you guys how to remove the hard drive just by removing the panel removing those four screws sliding the hard drive off if you are doing a hard drive replacement you would put your new drive in there put your battery back it of course and load your operating system so if you guys have any questions or comments please leave them in the comments section on youtube you can find us on facebook that’s and check out our website for free downloads more videos and more resources that’s w wi t conflict and again this is Eric with IT conflict computer repair in Austin Texas thanks for watching guys goodbye

How to replace the Hard drive in the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop

[WPXperVideo id=53 ]hi and welcome to our video on replacing the hard drive in the Dell Inspiron 15 laptop first thing we’re going to do is remove the battery make sure that our laptop is unplugged and then we’re anti-static once we have the battery removed the hard drive sets underneath the bottom cover held down by two Phillips head screws I’m using a number zero craftsman screwdriver here so we’re going to remove that bottom cover now you may have to pry it up a little bit because there are some clips don’t break the clips you want your cover to go back on when you’re ready now the hard drive sets they’re on the left and I’m going to zoom in here held down by a couple screws remove these are also Phillips head screws and the hard drive itself kind of sets and you’ve got to push it back and then they give you a little plastic strip right there that you got to pull up on and then angle the let the hard drive out to pull it out now there’s a bracket now there’s nothing wrong with this hard drive so there is a bracket held down by a screw on both sides you would remove that Phillips head screw and that Phillips head screw and then put the new bracket on your new hard drive so we’re just going to reinstall the hard drive since there’s nothing wrong with this one I’m just showing you the procedure and you kind of got angle it in make sure your plastic tab is there and then just slide it back in make sure it’s connected I’m going to put the two Phillips head screws back in to hold the hard drive in listen if this video helps you out in any way I hope to get that thumbs up button right below the video and if you’d like to see a different repair everyday we put a new video up simply subscribe to our Channel and get notified whenever we post a new one thank you for watching you

How to replace the Hard Drive in the Dell Precision M4500 Laptop

[WPXperVideo id=50 ]hi and welcome to our video on how to replace the hard drive in the Dell Precision in 4500 laptop well the first thing of course is as always remove the battery make sure the unit is unplugged and your anti-static the first step is to remove the bottom cover which is held down by five screws once right in the center and then of course for on the on this side of the laptop these four screws actually hold the hard drive in place once you have those out the cover itself slides forward just about a quarter-inch I use a little flat-head screwdriver here to push it forward or at least help me out a little bit and it should slide right up and he lifts it off comes off easily you’ll see the hard drive right here I’m zoomed in and you basically just pull it out I use my finger to kind of push it out a little bit and it is a SATA hard drive it’s just a little plastic cover plate in the front that’s held down by one screw there’s the screw the other side is just simply a snap that you don’t need to worry about just don’t break it and there it is I’m going to slide it back in there was nothing wrong with this particular hard drive I’m just showing the procedure here and the unit goes back into the unit and of course we just reverse the cover plate make sure it gets installed back on and listen if this video helped you out at all and hope you’d hit the like button or the thumbs up button right below this video and if you want to see a video a different repair video every day just subscribe to our Channel and you’ll get notified as we post new videos like I said we post a new video every day except for weekends Here I am just replacing the screws and making sure that that cover plate is tight and that those screws go back and make sure those four screws go back in because that actually holds the hard drive in so like I said hit the thumbs up button if you if this video helped you out at all subscribe to our Channel and get all the regular updates of our daily repair videos thanks for watching

Data Recovery for Dell Hard drives

[WPXperVideo id=11 ]Data Recovery for Dell Hard drives. We recover your lost data for Dell hard drives. Portable hard drive repair, get files back, save files from dead hard drive and recover photos. Virus Removal and Computer repair. Laptop repair services for your city. Please call JTG Systems at (905)892-4555 or

Dell Inspiron N5030 Hard Drive Replacement Repair Tutorial

[WPXperVideo id=4 ]hello everyone welcome back to another tutorial by AI t conflict computer repair in Austin Texas today I will be showing you guys a Dell Inspiron n50 30 laptop and I’m going to be taking it apart just a bit getting inside of it to reveal the inner components we’re going to be removing and replacing the hard drive today so let’s begin first thing you want to do before we work on any laptop is we’re going to close this down flip it over and you want to remove the battery the way we do this on this laptop is there’s two little releases here so I’m just going to put this one in a unlock position see if I can get a decent view on that for you guys so this one’s going to be in the unlocked position and then this other one over here is the release so we’ll just push that one up and the battery should just pop or slide right out there it is we’ll put that aside here and for this laptop I was a little disappointed because what Dell did was instead of putting a plate here where you can just remove maybe four or five screws in the plate take the plate off and reveal you know your major stuff your RAM your hard drive Dell made it extremely difficult in my opinion to get inside this computer and I’m not sure if that was on purpose so you can send your computer in for repair and Pell and pay Dells prices but it was a little more difficult than most computers that I’ve personally worked on so to get into this computer you actually have to remove at least 10 or 15 to 15 screws somewhere between there but all the screws you have to remove and put this at an angle so you guys can see all right here there’s one two so everywhere that I’m pointing out and you can obviously see this little screws kind of in there but everywhere you find a screw on this back bottom portion of the laptop is where you have to unscrew the screw and remove this in order to get into this computer and remove this bottom plate it’s actually the top plate but I’m going to show you guys here in a second so for the sake of this tutorial to make it a little quicker I’ve already removed all the screws I needed but again you’re going to have to unscrew every single one of these screws before we can continue move forward so once you’ve already removed these screws go ahead and pause the video remove the screws put them aside and we’ll move forward once you’ve removed the screws you want to open up the laptop again and to get into the laptop it should feel it start snapping right off this top panel this guy right here should just start coming right off for you and if it doesn’t you can always use a little flathead screwdriver or something like this and see if I can get it for you guys I mean about this tool kit I think for maybe thirteen fourteen dollars it wasn’t expensive but it includes a lot of small screwdrivers I think I bought it to repair some glasses or something but it works fine for laptops I just sort of run it through the sides here and you’ll feel it starts snapping off for you if it doesn’t it’ll start popping off but you basically want to pop off the drive or pop off this um top portion and you’ll feel that the computer is plugged into a few places and it’s plugged in what’s plugged in are these two you have the touchpad which is plugged in here I’m trying to get you guys a view and you have the keyboard which is that ribbon cable back there those two are plugged in and I don’t personally was a pain you know what to get them plugged back in there and get it closed so I’m not going to unplug them for the tutorial but you can slowly pull this off if you can it be a thinner hands than I do you can unplug those as well in this entire panel this entire top portion of the laptop comes off if you want to do a keyboard replacement or if you want to you know upgrade the RAM or something it’s all in there but for this tutorial I’m going to show you guys how to remove the hard drive and the hard drive was pretty simple you don’t necessarily have to remove the entire panel if you’re careful to replace the hard drive all I did was I slid it out and you’ll see it slide out just like that by putting my thumb in there and it’s now loose and you just pull up on the hard drive there’s and you can be able to just take it out just like that so I’ve already replaced this hard drive I already put the new hard drive in there so I’m not going to take it out again but you can see that how I did that was just plug the unplug the drive slid it out and the drive pops right off I can take it out if I wanted to so once I’ve already replaced the drive I’m trying to do this in real time on the camera here let me see if I can just turn this over for a second get the drive plugged back in drive is plugged back in I’m going to verify them just make sure those that ribbon cable on that touchpad cable are plugged back into the motherboard and they are I’m also going to just double-check the RAM because this RAM on the system in my opinion it looks a little funny it’s kind of angled at a weird angle and it almost looks like it’s not plugged in all the way and you know just to make sure you want to make sure those Ram pieces are plugged in correctly and in this case the RAM is plugged in I’ve secured the RAM I heard it pop in so that’s there once I have already replaced my drive I want to start or done whatever I needed to do inside this computer I’m going to start just snapping it back into place and you’ll feel it as you run your fingers around it you’ll hear it starts snapping and feel it start snapping I’m just going to securely don’t press down too hard this was manufactured somewhere else and most likely they didn’t use the best plastic you don’t want to break anybody’s computer or break your own computer so be a little gentle with it give it a snug kind of a give it a decent little push but don’t be too rough with it you know if it feels like it’s going to break be careful with it you can take a break or something come back to it later if you’re getting frustrated but and there it is so I’m totally finished with replacing the hard drive it was a little more difficult again that it normally is for any other computer but once you’ve done that we’ve got it taken care of again this is the Dell Inspiron n50 3 0 and 50 30 and what we’ve done so for what we did was just remove these screws take off that top plate and reveal the computer’s inner components we replace the hard drive I showed you guys where the RAM where you can see where the RAM was located those two plugs that we’re keeping the top paw top panel plugged into the motherboard and that concludes this video if you guys have any questions please leave them in the comments section we’re on Twitter that’s /ic conflict we’re also on facebook forward slash IT conflict and our website is WWE 2k m again my name is Eric with IT conflict computer repair in Austin Texas have a good day