Disassembling Dell Inspiron N5050

[WPXperVideo id=86 ]hello everybody today was gonna be Kennedy’s disassemble this dell inspiron n 50/50 the purpose I’m doing this is just to remove the hard drive from inside because I need to do a backup for the hard drive so there is no way how to get around this from it from the bottom which mean we have to open it completely first of all we need to remove the battery like this and we start of course with the screws okay one two three four six these two right here course two three four five six so remove them all right now let’s see if we’re not forgetting anything here there flip it upside down and deal with the keyboard some tool like this a flathead a very thin one we will start from these teeth the cable right here nice and gently to avoid damaging the keyboard or something else yes and we got it from this side this side is almost you slid it up and then again we lift up this plaque bar over there and we pull back the ribbon cable so it’s off right here the hard drive I can see it clearly I think it’s somewhere around here so let’s see if we have any schools here to remove we have I can see one two I don’t think we have more than that so let’s remove these two screws one My Goddess from this corner so there’s something in here and gently we pull darkness sorry we forgot before going that we forgot to unhook this little ribbon cable right here easy just pull that up and hold it up and our thing is off there is another one right here I’m sorry if forgetting about them because I want to get done with this quickly okay now this is the hard drive and I don’t see it screwed so we just simply slip push it back and remove is now we can do our backup Eisley with no problem and pretty much the rest is easy to remove – you guys won’t planning to change the model board completely just you have to unscrew these screws right here one that’s the only one I think and unplug this ribbon ribbon cables right here or in case you wanna have more RAM here and so on so now everything is easy and also the screen you simply remove these screws and I hope these cables right here this one for the screen this one for the Wi-Fi right here pretty much you can take off the screen and then simply pull this face right here it’s by its hook there just by some teeth you can simply pull them off and it would be off and then later you can remove screen the screws of the screen and you can change it or do whatever you want so I pretty much this is it and pretty much if you want to put back your computer just do the opposite of what we did

Dell Inspiron Factory Restore reinstall Windows 3000 5000 i5555 3542 I15N i5558 1318 13R 14R 15R 17R

[WPXperVideo id=39 ]okay in this video we’ll show you how to do a full factory restore on a dell inspiron computer and this will work with pretty much any dell inspiron laptop or desktop that you may have it’ll actually work with Dell netbooks and Dell latitudes as well so it’s just not just not just for the dell inspiron this particular model you can usually find the model on the bottom this one is a dell inspiron 1764 but again it will work on the Inspiron 15 45 s or whatever deal that you have the whole purpose of doing a factory restore is to make it fresh from factory just like you were buying it right from a retail box at Best Buy or Walmart so you’re just trying to get it back to that you might want to do it just because you want to resell it or you want to give it to a Fant friend or family member you just may want to start out fresh you might have a virus or a Trojan horse that you can’t get rid of so you want to refresh it maybe got a whole bunch of files you just don’t want to delete spend all the time deleting it so you just want to go ahead and get rid of that so we’ll go ahead and show you what it is is the majority of the newer computers and I say newer meaning the last five to eight years they started putting the operating system whether that be Windows 8 Windows 7 Windows Vista and of course now Windows 10 on the actual hard drive itself and most laptops have a SATA hard drive like this the older ones are called IDE and then of course now you got the SSD drives which are really quick and smaller but they actually put the windows 7 operating disk or your operating system on the hard drive itself the reason they do that is to avoid parting because what would happen is someone would get a you know it in the retail box that would come with the DVD that had one at seven and they would put it on multiple computers you know that didn’t actually have the license on it so they do that in order to avoid pirating okay so this is a pretty easy step you want to make sure that you you want to make sure that your laptop is plugged in because it won’t work without it being plugged in and it takes a while usually takes about 30 minutes to do a full factory restore on a computer so what you want to do is when you turn it on you want to tap the f8 button which it’ll be on the top and it’s pretty obvious F isn’t Frank eight and you could do it two ways when you see the Dell logo you could tap the f8 or you could just hold it down so let’s go ahead and try it okay and you might actually have to try it a couple of times didn’t work that time and you might hear some beeping again same problem huh I mean why didn’t let me all right so what you’re going to do is it’ll give you the very first option is repair my computer so you go ahead and click enter and that should take you it’ll say Windows is loading files and that actually took me a little bit longer than actually showing the video it took me 8 times 8 to 10 times it took me to stop it and restart it and to hit f8 so a lot of times you have to play around with it it should definitely give you an option to repair my computer even if the operating system for whatever reason is not on the partition so you know a lot of times these laptops hack stubborn alright so what you want to do is is System Recovery and then put your country and then you want click Next and it’s got your username and password if you don’t have a password leave it blank or if you do go ahead with the password click OK the username password is incorrect interesting ok click owner all right now it’ll give you a different options System Restore what a System Restore does is it brings it back to adult ago what will happen is your computer will set up in order it gives images to where you could take it back before you got a virus or whatever so we won’t do that the system injury recovery what you want to do is Dell factory image restore let’s see let’s go ahead and try that all right System Restore this utility or store your system software to the state it was in when it left the factory in order to return the system to the factory state all personal files will be overwritten so keep that in mind if you have any pictures videos stuff that you want to save I recommend you go ahead and doing that or it will all be lost what you can do is you can purchase you in like a little USB Drive memory stick you can get it at Walgreens or drugstores or Walmart for like 10 or 15 bucks this is 16 gigs and what you could do is you could just move all your files over there to your USB Drive so after you do that you just click Next warning it gives you another warning again it’s going to erase everything and then you say yes reformat hard drive and restore system software to factory conditions next and so that’s what it’s doing Alex restoring the its restoring my laptop back to factory ok thank you for watching if you have any questions put it in the comment section

Dell Inspiron 15 – M5040 / N5040 / N5050 Hard Drive Replacement Video Tutorial

[WPXperVideo id=25 ]this video shows how to replace the hard drive on on Inspiron in 50 40 in 50 50 and M 50 48 inch flathead and Phillips screwdrivers are the only tools necessary for this repair unlock the battery slide the latch to the left and the battery out open the laptop using a flathead screwdriver pressing the keyboard latches the latches are above the Escape key the f5 and f6 key the f11 key and the Delete key lift the keyboard and turn it over unplug the keyboard cable loosen the top Palmer screws unplug the palmer’s cables carefully slide the cable connector up to remove the cable close laptop and turn it over remove the screws on the bottom of the laptop pause the video here four screw locations turn the laptop over and open it up carefully lift the Palmer’s from the laptop slide the hard drive to the right and lift it out of the laptop place the hard drive into the laptop and slide it to the left to seat it with the motherboard place the palm rest onto the laptop tighten the top Palmer screws plug in the Bombers cables close the laptop and turn it over replace the bottom screws pause the video here four screw locations plug in the keyboard cable place the keyboard into the laptop press the keyboard down until it clips into place slide the battery into the laptop until it clips in the place lock the battery view the video description below for links to replacement parts please like and subscribe thank you for choosing parts people for your video tutorials